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Users Colours/Staff

Post  IllusioN on Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:47 pm

There are a simple 2 types of staff on this forum witch will be shown respect

Admins / Moderators - YELLOW

Site Friend - BLUE

site Helper / Senior Admin - GREEN

If you would like to join the staff team add ethan.green22 on skype or message IllusioN

Site friends - is NOT staff it is someone who has be on the forums for awhile and has 100 posts or more if you have this please again mail/PM me IllusioN.

Help Team - is run by Tazzy they will run the Help and suggestions part of the forums if you want to join the Help team mail Tazzy

Thanks for reading everyone Laughing

IllusioN(Site Owner) Tazzy( Senior Admin )


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